Gutter Vacuum - Cleaning With A Difference Omnipole System

We provide a top quality gutter cleaning service. We use the gutter vacuum system that will leave your home or commercial property with clean, free flowing gutters.

Gutters are a vital part of water proofing your building/home and keeping them clean and clear and save you spending out on expensive repairs.

If your gutters become blocked they can start to over flow down the side of your building, walls and on to paths leading to penetrating damp.

The use of ladders, hiring cherry pickers can cost up to five times the amount of our price. We offer a very affordable and cost effective solution for commercial/ domestic gutter cleaning.

We use the latest gutter cleaning method the high reach gutter vacuum pole. This cleaning method is done safely from the ground and is fully compliant with the health and safety executive working at height regulation.

Our gutter cleaning pole can reach up to 50ft.


We offer a complete CCTV gutter inspection before and after each job at no extra cost using a high reach gutter cam system. Pictures are monitored by a hand held devise for viewing and recording if required.

Now you can see for your self with out having to climb high ladders to see if your gutters or down pipes are in good condition or need further maintenance.


•Complies with the health and safety laws

•Minimal disturbance

•No expensive hire costs for cherry pickers, scaffolding ect

•No mess

•No gutter damage

•CCTV inspection can be supplied


Did you know that 64% of flood damage to commercial property is caused by blocked gutters